Control Modul8 with tapemovie
Modul8 has a known namespace, so tapemovie can be used to control Modul8 with tapemovie thru OSC protocol.
You will have time-sequenced effects or synchronisation with sensors, interaction or whatever.

tapemovie configuration :
  • 10 modul8 (Modul8 parameters listing for the 10 Modul8 layers)
  • 1 oscsend (OSC messages sending)
  • 1 events (cue manager)
  • 1 cuesheet (cuesheet organizer)

You need to add these lines to the YourProject/config/tm_init2.txt
// -----------Modules M8 in Run Mode---------------------;
/modul8/mode run;
// -----------OSC configuration---------------------;
/oscsend.1/sw/initval 1;
/oscsend.1/port/initval 8002;
/oscsend.1/alias/initval /tomodul8;
/oscsend.1/init bang;

After the tapmeovie build, you should be able to choose modul8 parameters in all the tapemovie mapping modules…